Everything you need to know about Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves

Laundry detergent sheets are a revolutionary new format, that's small, light and versatile. Whether your customer aims to cut their energy costs, single use plastic and CO2 emissions, or have speciality garments and fabric to clean, laundry detergent sheets are a great option.

  • What are they?

    Sheets are a new, condensed laundry detergent format, containing no liquid, that goes straight into the drum of the washing machine and dissolves in water, leaving no residue.

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  • Saving space, CO2 and costs

    Up to 16 times smaller than traditional formats, sheets reduce CO2 emissions and require less space in transport and storage; cutting the amount of transport vehicles and using less energy per wash.

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  • High-vis

    Detergent sheets are ideal for high-vis garment care, protecting the material by effective but careful cleaning.

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  • Microfibres

    Cleaning microfibre cloths and mops with traditional detergent formats can leave them clogged. Detergent sheets can help.

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What are laundry detergent sheets? 

Laundry detergent sheets is a liquid free format. The detergent formula is heat-compressed into a sheet, which dissolves in water at low temperatures, making it great for both machine and handwashing. Sheets deliver a great wash, but are gentler on fibres, smaller, lighter and more sustainable than traditional formats.

Just put 1 sheet at the bottom of the drum, and add laundry.

What’s the key benefits of detergent sheets? 

Sheets have a host of benefits your customer might be interested in:

  • Suitable for machine and handwashing
  • Dissolves at low temperatures, using less energy
  • Pre-dosed
  • Up to 16 time smaller and lighter than other formats, saving space in transport, storage and for end-the customer
  • Plastic free packaging, cutting considerable amounts of single use plastics and CO2 emissions

How do they compare to capsules? 

Detergent sheets have the same user friendly nature as capsules, but can also be used for hand-washing.

In comparison to capsules, sheets contain no liquid, are lighter, take up less space and are not at risk of leaking.

Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves dissolves faster and fully at low temperatures. Capsules' dissolvable membrane needs to be a certain thickness to prevent leakages. However, the membrane can be slow to dissolve, and can leave residues.

How do they compare to powder?

Not only are sheets much smaller and lighter compared to powder, they are also more user-friendly, coming in a pre-dosed format that goes straight into the drum, and dissolves at low temperatures.

Powder granules are abrasive, tearing off small bits of fibre from the fabric. This impacts the longevity of the fabric and causes fibre and micro-plastics to drain into our oceans.

Sheets provide a great clean whilst remaining non-abrasive.

Are detergent sheets sustainable?

Yes. Detergent sheets offer many sustainable and environmentally friendly benefits:

  • Their small size and weight substantially lowers carbon emissions from transportation
  • Their ability to use cardboard packaging, due to being liquid-free, (Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves use FSC cardboard packaging) cuts down on single use plastic
  • Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves excludes several harsh chemicals often found in laundry detergents

Are Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves cruelty free and vegan?

Yes, Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves are both cruelty free and vegan.

Are Cleanline Eco Landry Leaves suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes. Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves are a non-bio detergent, which is naturally gentle on skin. It excludes several harsh chemicals often found in laundry detergent and is mildly scented

Do Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves contain plastic? 

Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves' packaging contains no plastic.

The sheets are free from microplastics. They contain a low percentage of the binding agent PVA, which is a water soluble, synthetic polymer.

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