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  • Leaf

    The next generation laundry detergent format! Leaf’s powerful little sheet will leave your clothes looking and smelling fresh. Just add one sheet in the drum with your laundry and you're all set. Our sheets are super-concentrated and contain no liquids. This means we can pack them in tiny, lightweight boxes that take up no space at all. We’ve also removed any unnecessary nasty chemicals, so Leaf is better for you and better for the planet.

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  • Battle Green

    Award-winning PETA certified vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, made by hand in small batches. Battle Green only uses carefully selected natural and plant-based ingredients, and their packaging is compostable, recyclable and/or refillable - and always plastic free.

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  • Seep

    Seep’s all green cleaning supplies are 100% plastic free, and are made from toxin-free, renewable materials. Many Seep products can even be composted at home, breaking down into harmless, organic waste. Their packaging is sustainably sourced and uses natural ink.

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  • Ethosa

    ETHOSA's plant-based, refillable shower-gel solution will turn your bathroom into a spa. Using only the fewest potent all-natural ingredients possible, the powder-to-gel formulas are tailored to personal skin needs, free from nasties, and leave you smelling like a damn dream.

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  • Peachies

    Peachies is the upgrade to the humble nappy. Engineered for revolutionary softness, the perfect fit and maximum performance, Peachies also saves up to 93 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per 1,000 babies per year.

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